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Navagative Pickleball Injuries: Insight from a Jacksonville Chiropractor

Pickleball player playing through knee injury, with knee brace on
Pickleball player playing through injury

Pickleball, a sport surging in popularity worldwide, has evolved from a niche backyard game into a sensation embraced by individuals of all ages and skill levels. As the number of pickleball enthusiasts grows, so does the concern about reported injuries among players, challenging the once-perceived low-impact nature of the sport and causing various physical ailments and accidents. Drawing from injury-related studies, UBS estimates a substantial impact on healthcare visits related to pickleball in 2023, projecting approximately 67,000 emergency department visits, 366,000 outpatient visits, and 20,000 post-acute episodes. These figures emphasize the importance of injury prevention strategies and the potential role of chiropractic care in supporting the well-being of pickleball enthusiasts.

Common Injuries in Pickleball

The simplicity of pickleball, combining elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, offers an easily accessible experience. However, as more players join the pickleball craze, there is a concerning increase in injuries such as sprains, strains, back pain, elbow tendonitis, rotator cuff, knee pain, and ankle injuries. Overexertion, sudden movements, repetitive motions, and collisions with other players or objects contribute to these injuries.

Insight into the Link Between Chiropractic & Pickleball Injuries from chiropractor

Our bodies, like a well-played game of pickleball, require balance and alignment. Misalignments in the spine, can lead to nerve irritation, muscular tension, and inflammation—common culprits for injuries in pickleball. Maintaining a well-aligned and healthy spine is not only about avoiding back pain; it's a strategic move towards preventing and managing pickleball-related injuries.

How Chiropractic Care Might Help

In the realm of chiropractic care, a natural, non-invasive treatment may offer much-needed relief for pickleball players. With insight and guidance from a chiropractor specializing in pickleball injuries, these professionals focus on the alignment of the spine and extremity joints to address not just the symptoms but the root causes of injuries. Each chiropractic adjustment can ease nerve irritation, decrease muscle tension, and set off a cascade of healing responses throughout the body, potentially reducing the intensity and frequency of pickleball-related injuries.

Scientific Evidence Supporting Chiropractic Care for Pickleball Injuries

Scientific research supports the effectiveness of chiropractic care for sports-related injuries, including those in pickleball. Studies have shown a significant decrease in injury frequency, duration, and disability in patients undergoing spinal and extremity manipulation treatments—the primary form of care provided by chiropractors.

Where Can I Find Chiropractic Help with Pickleball Injuries in Jacksonville, FL

Imagine breaking free from the physical ailments of pickleball with the expert guidance and one-on-one care with the Doctor at Seven Bridges Chiropractic. Combining cutting-edge chiropractic and muscle release techniques, as well as dry needling or acupuncture if needed, with an understanding of individual triggers, our approach aims to be a part of your journey towards relief.

If you or someone you know is dealing with pickleball-related injuries, contact us at (904) 582-5200, and let us help you break free from the chains of physical discomfort. Conveniently located off i95 in downtown San Marco, Seven Bridges Chiropractic is here to support your pursuit of a balanced and injury-free pickleball experience.

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