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How Is Low Back Pain Diagnosed by a Chiropractor?

If you are suffering from persistent low back pain, getting an accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment and relief. At our chiropractic practice, we take a comprehensive approach to diagnosing the underlying causes of your low back pain. Here's what you can expect during the diagnostic process:

Comprehensive Consultation

We begin by conducting a thorough consultation to understand your unique situation. We will discuss your medical history, lifestyle factors, and the details of your low back pain symptoms. This helps us identify potential triggers and contributors to your pain.

Thorough Physical Examination

Next, our chiropractor will perform a comprehensive physical examination. This includes assessing your low back's range of motion, muscle strength, reflexes, and any signs of inflammation or tenderness. We also evaluate your posture and spinal alignment to pinpoint potential issues.

Orthopedic and Neurological Testing

To further pinpoint the cause of your low back pain, we conduct orthopedic tests that involve specific movements and maneuvers that may reproduce or exacerbate your symptoms. Additionally, neurological tests help us evaluate nerve function and identify any signs of nerve compression or irritation.

Imaging Studies

In some cases, we may recommend imaging studies such as X-rays, MRI, or CT scans. These detailed images allow us to visualize structural abnormalities in your spine, such as herniated discs, degenerative changes, or misalignments, that could be contributing to your low back pain.

Collaborative Approach

We believe in a collaborative approach to healthcare and may work closely with other providers, such as primary care physicians, pain management specialists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, or physical therapists. This collaborative effort ensures a comprehensive evaluation and management plan for your low back pain.

Tailored Treatment Plan

By accurately identifying the underlying causes of your low back pain, we can develop a tailored treatment plan to address your specific needs. This may include spinal adjustments, muscle release, therapeutic exercises, lifestyle modifications, and other conservative treatments, like dry needling and acupuncture, to help you achieve long-term relief.

Are you Suffering from Low Back Pain?

If you're suffering from low back pain, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with our experienced chiropractor. We'll work diligently to diagnose the root cause of your pain and develop an effective treatment plan to help you find relief and improve your overall well-being.

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