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Sitting Smarter: Jacksonville, FL Chiropractors Top 5 Fixes for Back Problems From Sitting Too Long and Poor Posture

Person sitting at desk with good posture
Good sitting posture

Many busy professionals in Jacksonville, FL, are immersed in the demands of daily work, which leads to back problems result from sitting for extended periods of time. Dr. Dalton Tolliver of Seven Bridges Chiropractic stands as a guiding force for those grappling with back problems as a result of sitting. In this blog post, Dr. Dalton shares her expertise on addressing and preventing back issues, offering practical fixes that can bring relief to anyone spending long hours in seated positions.

Understanding the Impact of Prolonged Sitting with Back Problems:

As a respected chiropractor in Jacksonville, Dr. Dalton acknowledges the toll that prolonged sitting can take on the spine. The consequences range from poor posture and weakened core muscles to heightened pressure on intervertebral discs, often leading to chronic back pain. It's crucial to recognize these challenges to implement effective strategies that promote a healthy back while navigating the demands of a predominantly seated lifestyle.

Jacksonville Chiropractor Top 5 Fixes for Professionals with Posture issues:

  1. Work Ergonomics: Dr. Tolliver advocates for the importance of ergonomic workspaces. Adjusting chair and desk height to encourage a neutral spine position, ensuring the computer monitor is at or just above eye level, and investing in chairs with proper lumbar support are key elements. These adjustments can significantly alleviate strain on the back and create a more comfortable work environment.

  2. Breaks for Mobility: To counteract the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting, Dr. Tolliver recommends incorporating short breaks for movement. Setting a timer to prompt breaks every 55 minutes allows for 5 minutes of stretching and walking around each hour. This will promoting blood circulation and alleviating muscle tension. These moments of movement can make a significant difference in supporting overall back health. She highly encourages her patient to transition to a sit-to-stand desk to allow for more movement throughout the hour!

  3. Core Strength: Strengthening core muscles is a fundamental aspect of maintaining spinal health. Dr. Tolliver suggests simple yet effective exercises like planks, bridges, and cat-cow. A strong core acts as a reliable support system for the spine, reducing the risk of back problems.

  4. Posture Awareness: Mindful sitting posture is crucial. Dr. Tolliver advises individuals to sit back with feet flat on the floor, maintaining a 90-degree angle with the knees, hips, and elbows. This allows the lower body to be supported and the wrist to lay in a relaxed position on the desk. Avoiding slouching or leaning forward helps prevent unnecessary strain on the lower back.

  5. Chiropractic Care for Alignment: Regular chiropractic adjustments play a pivotal role in addressing and preventing back problems associated with prolonged sitting. Dr. Dalton's expertise in identifying and correcting spinal misalignments, coupled with personalized recommendations, empowers individuals to reclaim spinal health.

Dr. Dalton Tolliver, the leading expert at Seven Bridges Chiropractic in Jacksonville, extends a helping hand to professionals seeking relief from back pain caused by prolonged sitting. By implementing these practical fixes, individuals can transform their work environment into a haven that nurtures spinal health. With Dr. Tolliver's insights, a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle is within reach for Jacksonville's dedicated professionals. Give us a call at (904)582-5200 or book an appointment online today at

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